I am always on the lookout for new tools that I can pull out of my tool box to improve my health and those of others.  I use exercise, walking in nature, meditation, ACT *, eating my version of a healthy diet, laughter, hanging out with friends, petting a cat/dog, massage, dancing, anything that makes me feel better. (Did I leave out having a beer on the patio?)


A few years back I was introduced to a new tool called “tapping”, but sometimes I take my time to come around to certain ideas, and although it seemed like a good tool, I just wasn’t that interested.  THEN, last year, I was reintroduced, and not only did I get interested, I got educated.


Now if you have not heard of “tapping”, it is a technique used in healing both physical and emotional ailments of all types and kinds.  It is based on the ancient Chinese medicine of acupuncture and meridian points located throughout the body.  Quite simply, you repeat a script as you “tap” with your fingers on these meridian points.  There are several branches of this concept on the net.  TFT, Thought Field Therapy, is the Grandfather of tapping.   TFT is what I was introduced to first.  Although I witnessed incredible things with this type of tapping, it had the draw back of needing a “facilitator” to help you with the process. Not that I was opposed to needing someone else, I was just hoping to have something I could practice on my own.


Just as luck would have it (or the Universe) I had an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique-another form of taping) flyer show up in my mail box.  I needed CEU’s for my social work license so I enrolled.  I found just the tool I was looking for, one I could use by myself without the aid of a facilitator.


It is one of those tools that seems too good to be true, you know like exercise and a healthy diet, BOTH of which can change the course of disease in the body.  I have used tapping on myself and others and feel a little robbed I didn’t know about it years ago.


I have used tapping to break through resistance in the following ways:

  • Not wanting to do a “HARD workout”
  • Not wanting to write a blog post
  • Not wanting to rewire my eating patterns after falling off the cliff into a tank of sugar and salt
  • Not wanting to do my taxes

The list continues but you get the idea.  It is not only used for resistance but for a whole host of issues from past trauma to physical pain.

So if you are interested, take a look at this tool on the net or give me shout and we can talk about the process and benefits.

Look forward to discussing other tools in the toolbox of a great life!

*ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy) is a unique empirically based psychological intervention that uses acceptance and mindfulness strategies to increase psychological flexibility.


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