The fitness industry has done a real disservice to people by aggressively selling the idea of a perfect body above all else, but fitness should be about so much more than looking good in a summer swim suit, or fitting into your favorite jeans. I believe in fitness for the real world.  I want you to be fit so you can put your kids in the car without throwing your back out, or carry your groceries in or throw your kayak on the car. I promote physical activity because it improves your overall physical and mental wellbeing. It’s what I’ve been passionate about since second grade.  That passion pushed me to earn my bachelor’s degree in health and physical education from Emporia State University, and later earn my master’s degree in social work from the University of Texas at Arlington.  My growing desire to share what I’d learned led me to attain my personal trainer certification from the Cooper Institute of Texas in 1994.

I love fitness, and I still have to drag myself out of bed sometimes. I know it’s not easy. But even though it’s hard, many people grow to like it (even love it!). And even if you never grow to like it, you will grow to like the side effects of improved health, increased stamina, and all around well-being. Research proves that through movement, you can change the chemistry in your body and the chemistry in your brain for the better. I want to make fitness enjoyable and accessable for my clients so they can enjoy those profound benefits. So I tailor workouts to accomodate your goals, your schedule, and your personality.  Because I don’t just want you to live longer and live better, I want you to have fun doing it.

Fast Facts

Favorite Food

Pizza and Beer!

Favorite Song

Wave on Wave by Pat Green

Favorite Trip

Hiking rim to rim at the Grand Canyon with my sisters.

Favorite Feature

My eyes – I think they reveal how much I smile


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